Friday, August 30, 2019

This Week on Bandcamp Daily

This Week on Bandcamp Daily
The Bubbling, Space-Age Bachelor Pad Sound of “Exotica”
From Martin Denny to Nicola Cruz, these albums conjure up imaginary, far-off worlds. They’re the perfect late-summer soundtrack for martini-sipping by the pool.
Bandcamp Weekly

This week, we chat about jazz and Jamaica with Nat Birchall, and crown the latest from Tenesha the Wordsmith our LP of the week.


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Jimmy Layton and His All-American Not-Your-Daddy's-Jazz Band

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Artist: Jimmy Layton and His All-American Not-Your-Daddy's-Jazz Band
Title: Eruption
Label: Jazzapple Records

Jimmy Layton (piano, organ, elec piano) ~ Just another Kid from Red Bank, Jimmy was born at an early age, in a log cabin that he helped his father build.

So, what is ”Not Your Daddy’s Jazz”?

Using, as it’s guideline, the principle of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do ~ it takes what is useful, and discards what is not.

With neither prejudice towards traditional jazz, nor discrimination against other music styles, it freely integrates elements of jazz, latin, funk, rock and classical.

It’s only goal is musicality.
It is a form that has no form.


“There are only two kinds of music. Good music and the other kind.”
~ Duke Ellington

Jimmy headed up GRoK, a SF Bay Area original fusion band, which has opened for Allan Holdsworth, Zero and Roy Rogers. He has released 3 CDs of his own music which have included jazz, blues, progressive rock, electronic and new age pieces ~ the last release being with EmptyHand.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Guido's Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0390 A Shade Of Blue (20190... By Guido's Lounge Café

New show by Guido's Lounge Café

Guido's Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0390 A Shade Of Blue (20190823)

I started of with some mystical music I like to call it
but also love that little dub that is going on in here
a well, this set has a lot to offer as you give it a change
But I think it's still chilled and relaxed combination
So my friends, take a chance and I hope you will love it 
Happy new week!!

Kind regards


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