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Joey Stuckey

Joey Stuckey
Senate Records
P.O. Box 13526
Macon, GA 31208
(478) 742-7956

Official Ambassador of Music for Macon, Georgia—
Home of the “Southern Sound”

2012 Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee

Official Gibson Guitars Endorser

Joey Stuckey is a blind musician with an insightful vision.
Born in Green Cove Springs, Florida, Joey Stuckey is an award-winning blind guitarist,
songwriter, singer, composer, producer, radio & TV personality, music columnist,
educator, inspirational speaker, and sound engineer. Joey’s guitar style is reminiscent
of rocker Jeff Beck and jazzer Wes Montgomery while his vocal influences range from
Mel Torme to Gregg Allman—these influences have inspired an original sound that
Stuckey calls “jazz infused rock with southern attitude”. Stuckey lost his sight and
sense of smell as an infant as the result of a brain tumor. Despite these limitations, he
remained in mainstream education. Scholastically outstanding, Joey Stuckey
graduated from high school at the age of 14. At the age of 17 he began his musical
career by taking classical guitar lessons from noted music professor Terry Cantwell.
Joey continued his musical education by studying with renowned jazz guitarists Stanley
Jordan and Steve Crowell.
Stuckey is the owner and sound engineer of a recording facility Shadow Sound Studio
( which boasts vintage analog gear and state-of-the-art
digital technology. He also owns and operates a 24-hour internet radio station, WTMT,
where he promotes independent music of all genres. Joey has hosted numerous
independent music programs on terrestrial radio in Macon, GA, and online with his
popular show “Audio Style” and his tv-show “15 Minutes of Fame”. Stuckey has also
been a featured music columnist for the webzines Artist Launch Mag and The Tub
Magazine where he served as the assistant editor. He currently contributes columns to
The Portal Magazine and in addition, he has been the adaptive technology
correspondent for Dialogue Magazine which is a publication dedicated to the needs of
the blind. Recently, Stuckey has taken on the role of music publisher and has a growing
catalog of great songs in multiple genres. His publishing companies include Sociology
Publishing (BMI) and Sign Wave Publishing (ASCAP).
Joey Stuckey and his band have shared the stage with legendary artists like Ted Nugent,
Bad Company, Trisha Yearwood, James Brown, Clarence Carter, Wet Willie, the B-52’s,
Kevn Kinney from Drivin’ N Cryin, and Smashmouth. In his other roles as either
producer, composer, music columnist, sound engineer or hired musician, Stuckey has
worked with musical greats like Hughie Thomasson (from Lynyrd Skynard and the
Outlaws), Joe Solo (producer for Fergie and Macy Gray), Alan Parsons (engineer/
producer for Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Alan Parons Project), Jimmy Herring (from The
Aquarium Rescue Unit, Frog Wing, The Allman Brothers Band, and The Others/
Grateful Dead), Danny Seraphin (drummer from supergroup Chicago and currently
with California Transit Authority—CTA), Hamp Swain (the Original King Bee), Lee
Brice, comedian Tim Wilson, Allen Vizzuti (from Chick Corea, Doc Severinson
Orchestra, and Chuck Mangione), David Ragsdale (from Kansas and The Smashing
Pumpkins), Randall Bramblett (from Traffic, Steve Winwood Band and Gregg Allman
Band), Doyle Dykes, Connie Haines (from Harry James and The Tommy Dorsey
Orchestra), Ike Turner, Carole King, Chris Hillman (from the Byrds and Desert Rose
Band), Jerry Peake (bassist for Steve Morse Band), Ben Tucker (Herbie Mann, Mel
Torme), John Dunn (Earth, Wind, and Fire), Jimmy Hall (from Wet Willie, Hank
Williams, Jr., and the Nighthawks), Charlie Daniels, George McCorkle (from Marshall
Tucker Band), Razzy Bailey, Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Robert McDuffie, Maestro Robert
Spano (Atlanta Symphony Orchestra), Sammy Nestico (composer/arranger for Frank
Sinatra and the Count Basie Orchestra), and actor Ron Lester from the movies
“Goodburger” and “Varsity Blues” and the WB television show “Popular”, Joe Solo
(producer Macy Gray and Fergie). Joey has been featured in many national and
international media publications including PRI’s “The World”, GPB’s “Georgia
Gazette”, and “Big Takeover Magazine”.
Stuckey is currently active in student instruction for guitar, voice, music theory, and
sound engineering and is a professor of music technology at Mercer University. No
stranger to musical theater, he was the music director for Macon State College’s
production of “The Rocky Horror Show” in the fall of 2002.
In short, Joey Stuckey is a young man with an enormous talent, clear vision, and a
tireless work ethic who is well respected by his peers, fans, and more than a few
Joey Stuckey Discography
• 1995 “Take a Walk in the Shadows”
• 1999 “Ironies, Pain, and the Light That Guides”
• 2000 “Live and Stuff”
• 2001 “Live and More Stuff: The Sequel to the Prequel”
• 2003 “So Far”
• 2009 “Oceanside”
• 2011 “The Shadow Sound”
• 2012 “Mixture”—Joey’s first full length jazz album
Spent 5 weeks on CMJ Top 40 Jazz Charts peaking at Number 9
• “Live and Stuff” and “Live and More Stuff” were both recorded at the historic
Douglass Theater in Macon, Georgia, where Little Richard, Otis Redding,
James Brown and other southern greats made their debut.
• 2014 "The Acoustic Sessions, Volume 1"
Honors & Awards
• 1999--Atlanta Society of Entertainers Recording Artist of the Year
• 2000—Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame Cotton Carrier Award
• 2000 & 2005--Atlanta Society of Entertainers Little Jimmy Dempsey Award for
Musical Excellence
• 2001-2009—Atlanta Society of Entertainers Jazz Artist of the Year
• 2004—Reader’s Choice Award for singer/songwriter, “11th Hour Magazine”
• 2006—Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame Ray Melton “Music Man” Award
• 2006—Appointed the official Ambassador of Music for Macon, Georgia, by its
Mayor and city council
• 2007—Atlanta Society of Entertainers Jimmy Bryant “Guitar Man” Award
• 2009—Prominently featured in “Street Singers, Soul Shakers, Rebels Without a
Cause: Music From Macon”
• 2010—Proclamation and Key to the City of Green Cove Springs, Florida
• 2011—NewTown Macon Special Recognition Award for Partners in Progress
• 2012—Atlanta Society of Entertainers Recording Artist of the Year
• 2012—Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee—Music Education
• 2012—Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame Award for Organization of the Year-
Shadow Sound Studio
• NARAS/Grammy (National Association of Recording Arts & Sciences)—Atlanta
Chapter, voting member
• GMIA (Georgia Music Industry Association), President Emeritus Macon
• BMI (writer)
• International Jazz Educators Association
• GACCA (Georgia Assembly of Community Arts Agencies)
• Georgia Allman Brothers Band Association, founding member
• Georgia Music Hall of Fame Advisory Committee, youngest appointed member
What is the music industry saying about Joey Stuckey?
“Joey, you do good work and you’re a fine player. I love your
playing, I love your music, I love what you do, and I love you
brother.”---Doyle Dykes (artist and Taylor endorser)
“Joey, you’re amazing.”---Harold Bradley (producer for Patsy
Cline and Mandy Barnett and VP of National Musicians Union)
“Dude, you’re the greatest.”---Chuck Leavelle (keyboardist for
Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton)
“Boy, Joey can sing and play.”—Derek St. Holmes (vocalist for
Ted Nugent)
“Joey Stuckey is a technical and rhythmic monster.”—Kristy Jo
Haima (Sennheiser/Neumann)
“Joey is one of the most amazing guitarists I know.”---Ian
Copeland (booking agent and tour manager for Sting)
Joey’s “skills on the guitar and his ingenuity when instrumenting
his songs make this project a must for all fans of alternative
music.”—American Country Magazine
Joey is “blessed with a good solid singing voice and is also
capable of writing interesting and clever lyrics.”—Ear Candy
Joey Stuckey’s “vocal performance really steals the show.”—
Music Street Journal
“On his new album So Far, Stuckey has created a warm and
inviting brew of American Rock, subtly different in its varying
tastes over 16 tracks. All of those 16 tracks are samples of the
diversities found within the talents of Joey Stuckey, who
impressively fills each song with his lightning-fast, ‘70s
influenced guitar, and his able voice.”—MusicTAP
"Joey has an amazing set of ears and a huge wealth of music and
production knowledge and is fun to work with. He shines at
taking a song and bringing it to a whole new level."—Joe Solo
(producer, Macy Gray and Fergie)
“For a cat that started out in classical guitar, (Joey’s) turned into
a riffing shredder that can choogle along the lines of anyone from
Frank Zappa to Al diMeola.”—The Midwest Record
“Stuckey happens to be blind, (but) nothing stands in this cat’s
way while playing as technically proficient and as artistically as
gifted as any guitarist you can think of…..when it comes to
Stuckey think Steve Morse meets Jeff Beck…..Stuckey is that rare
artist that can touch your heart and set your hair on fire
simultaneously…..Stuckey’s guitar playing is clean and precise
with the finesse of a surgeon and the melodic heart of a
poet.”-----Critical Jazz, Nov 2012

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“Before you read my bio, I want you to know my true story. Why am I doing this all of a sudden? What do I hope to accomplish? Who am I? The answers can be very long and I can go on for hours but I wanted to be brief and try to give you a glimpse into my mind in two pages or less. So here is my rambling answer without any editing or any type of organized thought pattern whatsoever: 

I am just like you. I walk beside you every day. I work next to you all day long. I make mistakes just like you. I cry. I bleed. I am an average person. I am you. We share a special connection. Have you ever had a dream? I mean something you never thought you could ever really do but you wanted to try anyway? Something you wanted so badly but never allowed yourself the chance to ever pursue? You never really went for it. Life went by. Why do we do that? Is it because we are afraid to fail? Afraid for others to know what we really want deep down in our hearts? 

Deep into the very core of our souls! Are we afraid to reach for the stars? To be happy? To get what we want? I was. I was scared. I was living an ok life. I had my ups and downs just like you. But I always held back. I never went for it.  Well, that all changed after my dad died. I am going for it now. I’m still a bit scared at times but overall, I’m so much happier to finally be myself. Hiding or repressing a piece of your very core is not easy or fun. No one should have to do that. It is a miserable way to live. 

I now admit what I am. I am an indie artist. I have no label. That simply means I do not have a huge marketing budget. How many times have we heard a song on the radio by someone famous and hated it? But after listening to it a million times (because it was played absolutely everywhere), it eventually grew on us. We ended up loving it! I’m ok with having no marketing budget though. I do have one advantage. All I sincerely care about is my fans. I have no manager. I have no industry expert to tell me what to do. I manage my own website. I put everything I have ever done on there. Why?? Well, I do it for you. So you can listen or watch anything I have ever done for FREE whenever you want from anywhere on the planet. 

Download it and share it with anyone you want. You have my permission. Take my music for free and take the 99 cents for 1 song or $10 for the album and just donate it to your favorite charity instead. They need it more than I do. I’m doing ok. I just want you to listen to my music and tell me what you feel. Does it feel real? On my Youtube channel, I now make sure there are no ads. 

They are pretty annoying, aren’t they? This way, you can watch my music videos (with or without subtitles), listen to my radio interviews, watch my lyric videos – again, anytime you want. No ads, boxes or annotations popping up. Isn’t it annoying when you close them only to have them pop up again? No cross-selling of anything anywhere. No sales pressure. I don’t want you to feel like I’m a used car salesman and I need your money. I also have no ad agency. 

I post on all my social media sites myself. I have never asked anyone to buy anything. I don’t like peer pressure. I’m sure you don’t either! My posts will actually tell you something about who I really am. It’s not someone else feeding you what the marketing specialists think you want to hear so that you can then go spend your money on me. All my interviews are candid. I don’t have to prep for them. I don’t ever wear makeup. I don’t have anyone telling me how to act and what to say. 

I try to be as real as I can. That of course doesn’t mean I won’t use an audio or video effect if I think it adds to my art. I respect you. I listen to you. I will never judge you. You can be yourself around me. You won’t find any other artist doing what I am doing. No one releases a new song every single month, and certainly not until the day they will die. No one writes their own lyrics or mirrors their songs with book chapters. I don’t even use a professional recording studio. All of my vocals have been done on an iMac in my family room, which of course does not have ideal acoustics. I have to sometimes wait and make sure the chirping birds and barking dogs aren’t trying to get on my tracks! I’ve worked hard to control my asthma, get rid of my inhalers, improve my vocal delivery, pitch control and range. I won’t be lip syncing at my concerts. 

It will be authentic and genuine. My voice is my own. Whether you love it or hate it, it is mine. Don’t you hate it when everyone sounds and talks the same?? Enough with autotune already! Some people love my voice, some don’t. That’s ok. I realize I won’t appeal to everybody and I’m not trying to. I listen to what you tell me and those of you who have been with me from the beginning, have seen your advice not fall upon deaf ears. I have changed. I have adjusted. I do not know everything. I use my ears. I am you. You are me. As my musical journey unfolds, I will have a lot more to share with you. I will be vulnerable. I will be real. I will be me. My music and my story will not appeal to everyone. That’s not a problem for me. I would be very unrealistic if I expected that kind of a response. But I still want your feedback. I crave it. Good or bad. Otherwise I will stop growing. I will stop getting better. I want it. This is the beginning. I hope to continue evolving into a better human being, musician and ultimately leave the world a better place. 

If you see me out somewhere, please say hi. You will recognize me. I will look the same. I will sound the same. I will act the same. I won’t be rude or stuck up. I will be the same person you have heard on my radio interviews or seen in my videos. We are all human. Nowadays, we do get bored fairly easily. I’m trying to vary my music, my singing style, my videos, my hairstyle, my clothes, my facial hair – well, you get my point. Even if you do one day grow tired of me, at least take a listen to my new song each month. It will only take 3 minutes of your time. Read my lyrics. Close your eyes and feel the emotion. Remember, I am always here for you. My door is always open. If you ever leave me for any reason at all, you can come back anytime. 

I’m not going anywhere…and I won’t harbor ill will. I have made more mistakes than anyone else I know so I will never judge you. By the way, yes, I have a day job just like you. I’m not rich and have had some very real financial hardships in my life. My parents were immigrants and came to this country to live a better life. I was born here in Chicago. I am doing this on the side I guess, although it takes at least 50 hours of my week on average. I’m not complaining. I’ve always been a hard worker. I do it for you. I enjoy it. I don’t consider it work. One day, hopefully if I “make it”, I can raise a bunch of money for charity like I always wanted to and do this full time. 

I wish I could go on tour and share my music with everyone around the world. That would be my dream come true! If that ever happens, you won’t have to worry I’d ever leave you. No matter what other opportunities or awards I receive, music will always be my #1 passion. Music is life. Music is my life. I will keep doing this for me and for you. I try to be realistic. I know the odds are overwhelming but even if I’ve already peaked, I’m still never going to stop. I PROMISE YOU THIS! I will keep doing this forever because I cannot keep this inside of me any longer… and I will think about you every single day! Thank you so much for reading my story. Now it’s our story.” And so it begins… Sarantos 

Sarantos Bio Sarantos has continued releasing a new song and music video every month in 2015 as he unveils his eagerly anticipated sophomore album. This collection zeroes in on his unique signature style merging 80s rock with modern pop rock music. The evolution of Sarantos musical style is readily apparent to fans and seasoned musicians alike. His 1st solo album dropped on November 18th 2014 and the diversity was amazing as Sarantos tackled almost every genre imaginable ranging from pop, rock, jazz, rap and country. As a complete surprise to his fans, one week later on Black Friday Sarantos also released a Christmas album. 

This was a wonderful collection of 4 brand new original Christmas songs, 10 covers of Christmas classics and 9 inspirational Christmas short stories. Families will enjoy listening to this CD every Christmas season... Sarantos unique sound has been best described by industry insiders as "an emotionally powerful vocal style masterfully united with music that is a fusion of classic 80s rock blended with modern soft rock and pop music!" 

Sarantos won the Akademia LA Music Awards in March 2015 for:
 - Best Rock Music Video for “We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve”            - Best Pop Rock Album for “Not Where I Wanna Be” 

Sarantos was nominated for 2 awards for the 2014 International Music & Entertainments Awards for the categories of “Rock Song of the Year” and “Pop Album of the Year”. Sarantos currently has over 1.4M Social Media followers and is rated #4 on Reverbnation in the pop genre worldwide.  

Sarantos performed at the Toronto Music Festival in May to a sold out live audience. Sarantos music has received rave reviews and he relishes this chance to pursue his life long dream. With new hit tunes waiting to be released every single month until the day he dies, Sarantos music screams success and stimulates an overdue conversation in the always changing music industry. 

Sarantos loyal music fans continue to show their support by proudly showing off Sarantos merchandise and staying tuned into Sarantos daily down-to-earth and very real social media revelations. His songs are being broadcast every day on various radios stations around the world. Sarantos continues to do interviews around the world every single week and fans can listen in to some of them on his YouTube page. 

Let’s not forget his funny, sarcastic, witty and genuinely real music videos that leave his fans not knowing what to expect next. Sarantos never sticks to just one theme or one emotion. He doesn’t want fans to get bored. 

There will be plenty of continued buzz throughout the year as Sarantos strives to release something to his fans every single week! Every year until the day he dies, Sarantos will release a new song on the 1st Tuesday of every month, a new music video on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, a chapter from his fiction/fantasy book on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, and a new Whiteboard video on the 4th Tuesday of every month. A new CD will then be released every November. Every year. Forever. 

Sarantos has been writing lyrics since 4th grade and is passionate about the words he puts to the music. Music was always in his blood. Music was always a passion and much more than a hobby. Sarantos has written over 2,000 songs! Having undergone several personal challenges with Sarantos' father passing away four years ago after a long hard-fought battle with lung cancer, dealing with personal health issues like asthma and allergies which affected his singing style, going thru life's ups & downs, the timing was finally right to start pursuing his lifelong dream. And so it began. Sarantos main motivation remains, however, to raise money for charity. 33% of any music related sales are going straight to charity! 

Sarantos has always been inclined to help people in need and is proud to launch his music as a way to donate a portion of proceeds to charity, hopefully inspiring other artists to do the same. Just a few of the charities chosen so far include American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Make-a-Wish Foundation, American Heart Association, St Jude's, American Red Cross, Salvaton Army, Children's Hospital of Chicago, Feed The Starving Children, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, The National center For Fathering and many more. 

The website, Melogia (which in Greek means "with words") was established by Sarantos, an aspiring singer and song writer. Sarantos Mission or Goal: My goal when you listen to one of my songs is very simple. I want you to the need to: -Sing-Dance or move to the groove-Play the song over and over again Website: 

Sarantos Facebook artist page: 
Sarantos Twitter: 
Sarantos Youtube: 
Sarantos iTunes:

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AfroPop/R&B  Artist Seroney releases his debut single "Shuga".The song is a showcase of the urban youth culture in East Africa and gives out the vibes one Is most likely to bump into while traveling across East Africa.With his dynamic vocal prowess Seroney is out to make a mark using this song.

Seroney is an R&B/ Urban Pop and Afrobeats singer/songwriter originally from East Africa ,Nairobi. He began his musical journey from a young age of 12 as a member of the local church from his small home town in the western part Kenya. It’s through school that he developed his skills on song writing and performaning arts, after high school he recorded various songs for himself and other musicians.
Over the years he has been largely influenced by artists like the late Michel Jackson, R.kelly,Akon and Femi kuti.
From 2009-2010
Seroney under the name Kiproh released various gospel songs toping the various gospel charts and even a nomination in the top gospel awards in Kenya. However its during this time that he put his musical dreams on hold to finish law school.
Seroney took part in song writing for the winner of the biggest talent search show in Kenya. This  high level exposure enable him to cement relationships with various music industry stakeholders across East Africa.
It’s during this period that he has been recording debut project EP  “MMH; music my life my hustle the 1st single  to be released in 2015 Shuga plus video. Other singles set to be released are malkia (angel in Swahili) and Sweet potato. Seroney is currently signed under SECTOR 7 ACCESS (Seattle) with recording with recoding being done in Kenya by Studio44, Vickypondis and Saint P. 
MMH; music my life my hustle
The project will be geared up by the release of MMH the EP there after the Album. The EP is set for this year dates shall be provided prior.