Friday, February 20, 2015


Artist Name: madelyniris 
Members: Madelyn Munsell (age 21), songwriter, producer, vocals, instrumentation 
From St. Louis, MO Genre: Indie Pop Music available at iTunes, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud, Youtube Stats: over 100,000 combined plays, 5000+ facebook and 1200+ twitter followers
madelyniris’ story – You might catch indie pop artist madelyniris at the opera on a Saturday night -- not as a spectator, but as a performer.  She has a rare gift only a few on this planet have – she can sing a high A flat. She’s already won vocal competitions while singing some of the most demanding soprano parts in opera. 
But her classical voice teachers raise their brow when she describes her passion for writing, producing and performing indie pop music.  “I’m a hybrid,” she claims, one foot firmly in the classical world, and the other dancing to the beat of indie music.  Madelyn, 21, says her parents are to blame for the dichotomy. Her dad influenced her in modern and post rock, while her mother, a classically-trained vocalist, pianist and choir director, passed on the powerful classical influence in her life. “She introduced me to the chord progressions and melodies that will make your knees weak and bring you to tears.” 
While her pop music might be described as pretty, on second listen, you’ll recognize the complexity and darkness that lies beneath. She describes, “People will be grooving along and then they hit that dissonant chord or unique harmony and will recognize this is a little more complex to the palette, and requires a deeper listening. I can’t let you get by with just the good stuff”, she smiles. 
When asked about what inspired the collection of songs on “Adventures”, Madelyn replied “Honestly, summer 2014 was my biggest inspiration. I was able to travel the world, discover new people and new ways of thinking, and find myself. But in addition to that, this summer also consisted of a lot of nostalgia; love lost, if you will. This summer I came to this beautiful, happy place of resolution in my life. I relived a lot of my past. I discovered that it is good to hold on to happy memories, as long as those memories drive you forward in life rather than hold you back. "Adventures" is optimism, independence, and anticynicism.” 
Madelyn is also passionate about women taking control of their own music. "Adventures," as an EP, is me taking charge and no longer sitting in the backseat. As a woman, other musicians do not expect me to make my own instrumentals or mix my own music. Especially in pop music. This is me saying: "Hey, music industry, women are not just pretty faces and pretty voices. We have a lot more musical direction than you are willing to give us credit for." But as a concept, "Adventures" is about actually living, and living honestly with yourself and the world around you, with a bit of young budding existentialism in there.” 

Friday, February 13, 2015

ASCAP Inside Music Newsletter for February 2015

ASCAP Music Wins Big at Grammys
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2015 Grammy Winners
ASCAP Music Wins Big at Grammys
Beck takes Album of the Year, Max Martin is named Producer of the Year and Beyoncé is honored with three awards. All in all, 47 members took home Grammys across 39 categories. Find out who they are.
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ASCAP Welcomes Eventbrite, Our New Member Benefits Partner
We're thrilled to announce that Eventbrite has joined our roster of Member Benefits, available exclusively to ASCAP members. Eventbrite is a powerful, intuitive platform for planning and ticketing your live concerts and other events. ASCAP members get a $100 credit on Eventbrite service fees when they set up their first event.
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Composers' Choice 2015
Vote for the 2015 ASCAP Composers' Choice Awards
Voting is now open for the 2015 ASCAP Composers' Choice Awards. These Awards give all ASCAP writer members an opportunity to honor their peers in the film, TV and video game music world. Voting is open through Sunday, February 22nd. Winners will be revealed at the ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards on March 9th.
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Leon Bridges
View Full Photo and Video Coverage from the 2015 Sundance ASCAP Music Café
Watch memorable performances from Jamestown Revival, Lindsey Stirling, O.A.R. and interviews with Scott Weiland, PPL MVR, Andrew Dost and more.
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ASCAP EXPO Exciting Panels
10 Reasons to Attend the 10th Annual ASCAP EXPO
The 2015 ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO is just around the corner. Haven't purchased your tickets yet? Here are 10 reasons why you've gotta be there for our 10th year of the EXPO.
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2/17EDM Nation: Examining the World of Electronic Dance Music
Studio City, CA
2/19Music Tech & Futures Summit
Nashville, TN
to 2/28
10th Annual Durango Songwriter's Expo
Buellton, CA
to 5/2
10th Annual ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO
Hollywood, CA
3/31ASCAP OnStage Deadline: October - December 2014 Shows
4/1Apply to the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis
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