Sunday, November 25, 2012

Salaam Remi named Vice President of A&R at Sony Music

R&B Producer Salaam Remi Named Executive Vice President of A&R at Sony Music

R&B Producer Salaam Remi Named Executive Vice President of A&R at Sony Music
One aspect of the ever-changing music industry is the ongoing promotion of creatives into executiveroles. With Ne-Yo as the VP of A&R of Motown and The-Dream the VP of A&R of Island Def Jam, the newest promotion goes to popular R&B producer Salaam Remi, who’s been appointed the position ofExecutive Vice President of A&R at Sony Music.  The talented producer will be in charge of all of the A&R departments under Sony’s many logos, which include RCA, Epic, and Columbia Records. 
Remi is the mind behind many hip hop and R&B cuts, including Amy Winehouse’s albums 'Frank' and 'Back to Black', as well as Miguel’s first single ever “All I Want Is You.” Remi’s production credits also include The Fugees (“Fu-Gee-La”), Jazmine Sullivan (“Lions, Tigers, and Bears,” “10 Seconds”), Tamia (“Beautiful Surprise”), many Nas joints (“Made You Look,” “Nasty,”) and Alicia Keys (“Girl on Fire”).

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Marcus Franklin, the Singer, Actor and entertainer

Marcus is a 19-year-old multifaceted entertainer who sings, writes, acts, raps, engineers, produces and dances. Dance, most notably tap dance, is a very large and influential part of Marcus’ persona, his character.

 He began acting when he was 4-years-old, starting with print advertisements and commercials. Marcus has appeared in memorable projects like the Tony Award-winningBroadway play, “Caroline, Or, Change”, and a total of 5 film and television movies. His most popular works include his lead role in the HBO classic, “Lackawanna Blues”, and another resonating lead role in the IFC Spirit award-winning movie on Bob Dylan’s life, “I’m Not There”, which garnered him an IFC Best Supporting Actor nomination. Marcus continues to seek new and artistically challenging film and television roles while nurturing his passion for producing, performing and spreading his unique and energetic sound globally.

Artist:Marcus    Album: Intro: Marcus 
Artist Name:Marcus     Album: Intro: Marcus
First/Last Name:marcus franklin
Hometown:mahopac, new york, usa
Style of music:r&b/pop/rap
Label Affiliation:Independent Label
Performing Rights

Description:My music is lyrically clean, R&B flair, POP infused!

Ya / George Thomas - Open Door

"All Indie Magazine "Field of Dreams" It was like listening to Roy Orbison or The Moody Blues. Thanks again for your submission and I hope you find the exposure you're seeking. Mikey Jayy " 

- Mikey Jayy, All Indie Magazine (May 22, 0011)

"Our Stage Magazine Thanks George Thomas for bringing your amazing talent to our stage!" 
- Our Stage Staff, Our Stage Magazine (Feb 05, 0011) 

Jay Adkins — 07/17/2012 12:47PM EST 
I would like to request that you send me your song.
Now You're Mine by George Thomas:
I would like to request that you send me your song. I really like this one and would love to play it on my NUA Show on .

George Thomas, 

The promoter Independent Music Summit has accepted your submission for the campaign Independent Music Summit 2011. 

Congratulations! We're pleased to announce that you have been selected to be part of the Independent Music Summit ( coming September 21 - 25th. With over 1500 submissions, you are one of the few that we're selecting. You will be a part of a history-making international event where you'll network with music execs, PR, recording artists and other industry professionals. This event will be televised throughout the five days.
I'm counting on LOVE - George

A Super blend of rock and soul, characterize the sound from this Boston based band Ya. Born and raised in Massachusetts, former teacher, and singer songwriter, George Thomas fills his songs with passion and vivid detail. Thomas's music is personal, political, and universally appealing. Thomas's thought-provoking lyrics, and dynamic mix of acoustic and electric guitars, symphonic percussion and background singers carries a feeling to all his listeners. His work has been stated as a mix of the Moody Blues and Roy Orbison. Ya and George Thomas are totally original. / My story is simple but true, I stepped out of my house one night and crossed into the backyard, when suddenly a flash of red light and a shattering sound engulfed me, how long I tumbled through space and time and endured that noise I don't remember, all I know is that when it stopped I found myself in this vast tall grass field. The wind was howling around me and twin moons blazed brightly in that cambium sky. Up ahead on a grassy knoll I could see a castle in the distance. Upon arriving at it's drawbridge I called out but only an echo came back to haunt me I searched every room in this place, but I am all alone! One of the rooms had a guitar leaning up against a chair with a note lying beside it, "play me and you will be heard it read". I thought of Alice in Wonderland and the "drink me" bottles on the table. So now I hope someone will hear my song. George Thomas! george-thomas

The meaning of YA: The dictionary defines it as Zeal noun. Enthusiastic and diligent devotion in pursuit of a cause, ideal or goal.

Artist:Ya / George Thomas Album: Open Door
 Artist Name: Ya / George Thomas
 Album: Open Door
First/Last Name: George Guinane
Email address:
Hometown: Boston, Ma., US
Style of music: SingerSongwriter/Rock/AC
 Label Affiliation: Independent Label Performing Rights
Affiliation: ASCAP (USA) Description: Rock

Patricia Silverberg

Patricia Silverberg is a raw intelligent powerful folk rock artist

Patricia Silverberg is a raw intelligent powerful folk rock artist with the emotive essences of Natalie Merchant and Tracy Chapman. Her poetically profound lyrics are gracefully teamed with her percussive guitar styling.

Her 2012 release, Don’t Look Back, is an expressive musical journey about rising from the chaotic streets of NYC to standing strong in one’s own skin while looking at the reality of love and life.

Patricia originally hails from NYC. She began playing the guitar at the age of five and studied voice with several Broadway veterans. Within Arizona, she has been personally invited to many events including performing on the main stage at Pride in the Pines where she opened for Chaka Khan and Sophie B. Hawkins who described her voice as amazing and appeared on the same stage as such legends as Martha Wash and Tiffany. In addition to Pride in the Pines, Patricia has performed at dozens of venues including Flagstaff's premiere artist showcase Heritage Square, Border's, Phoenix Pride, WestGate City Center, Desert Ridge Marketplace, and tons of folk festivals, street festivals, coffee houses, cafes, and bars. She also has been a featured artist on KKNT's Arizona Music Cafe.
Outside of Arizona, Patricia showcased at the International Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis and performed at the San Diego Pride Festival. She also has been invited to showcases in New York City and Los Angeles. She recently won featured airplay on NYC’s Radio Crystal Blue 2009 Airplay Vote and ranked in the 10 top against well-established Indie artists such as Melissa Ferrick. She has not only been on the playlist of Radio Crystal Blue but also NetteRadio, Celebrate Radio, Women's Radio, Radio Phoenix, Whole Wheat Radio, iSpinner, Indie Music Sample, Citrus Groove Radio, Amaz Radio, Volta Radio, and has been heard all around the world on Live365.

Artist:Patricia Silverberg    Album: Don't Look Back
Artist Name:Patricia Silverberg     Album: Don't Look Back
First/Last Name:Patricia Silverberg
Hometown:Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A.
Style of music:Folk-rock
Label Affiliation:Unsigned
Performing Rights

Description:Patricia Silverberg is a raw intelligent powerful folk rock artist with the emotive essences of Natalie Merchant and Tracy Chapman. Her poetically profound lyrics are gracefully teamed with her percussive guitar styling.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lon Milo DuQuette - Baba Lon II

Artist:Lon Milo DuQuette    Album: Baba Lon II 
Artist Name:Lon Milo DuQuette     Album: Baba Lon II
First/Last Name:Alan Corcoran
Hometown:Newport Beach, CA, United States
Style of music:Folk
Label Affiliation:Independent Label
Performing Rights

Description:Back with his signature finger picking guitar and sweet vocals, DuQuette infuses each track with masterful musicianship and poignant lyrics. Not to be missed.

Ninety Three Records releases Baba Lon II September 3rd , 2012
(Anaheim Hills, CA) – Just days before kicking off his European Fall Equinox Tour, Lon DuQuette and Ninety Three Records announced the release of his second collection this year, Baba Lon II, a followup to his first Ninety Three album, I’m Baba Lon, issued earlier this year. DuQuette, a prolific author and Aleister Crowley disciple, previously recorded for Epic Records. Baba Lon IIcontinues where I’m Baba Lon left off, exploring his return to roots as musician, storyteller, sage and philosophical jester.
Formerly half of the 1970’s duo Charley D. & Milo, DuQuette was signed to Epic after a Southern California bar gig. He and his partner spent the next few years recording their own songs, writing and recording with Johnny Rivers, opening for Sammy Davis Jr. and performing with Arlo Guthrie. Lon “retired” from life in the fast lane in 1977 settling with his wife and son in Costa Mesa, California.
Much of the next 25 years were spent on the study and pursued passion for mysticism, particularly the work of controversial English occultist, Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). DuQuette began writing professionally in 1988 and has since published 16 books (translated in 12 languages). Mr. DuQuette lectures worldwide on Western Hermeticism. He is the current United States Deputy Grand Master of Ordo Templi Orientis, an international fraternal and religious organization, founded at the beginning of the 20th century, reorganized by Crowley around the Law of Thelema as its central religious principle. In 2005, makers of Canadian documentary on Crowley cajoled him into performing a few of his old songs for broadcast. Re-discovering his dormant musical half, DuQuette began writing new material and playing in public again. A record deal followed in September 2011.
“It seems very natural to be doing this at this season of my life.” says DuQuette. “It's like living ‘Act III’ of a musical comedy written by H.P. Lovecraft.”
DuQuette recorded most of the followup album locally at Wandering Star Studios, using a number of prominent local musicians, including Jason Chesney (bass), Wendell Kelly (trombone), and Chris Whynaught (saxophone). The CD was recorded and mixed by Wandering Star engineer (and owner) Bobbo Byrnes, of Falling Stars fame.
With a wink to music licensing opportunities, BLII’s working title was More Songs about Beer, Cars and Insurance. Although a number of tracks feature cars (and drinks) the mix is similar to that of its predecessor. Life, death, love, spirituality, friendship – DuQuette covers a wide landscape, with satisfying results. Fans of his first release are sure to enjoy this excellent addition.
About Lon Milo DuQuette
Born in Long Beach, California and raised in Columbus, Nebraska, he was an aspiring studio musician and recording artist in the 1970s, releasing two singles and an album, Charley D. and Milo, on Epic Records.
DuQuette has written numerous books on Western mystical traditions including; Freemasonry, Tarot, Qabalah, ceremonial magic, the Enochian magic of Dr. John Dee, and spirit evocation, Goetia. His autobiography, My Life with the Spirits, is a required text for two classes at DePaul University, Chicago. Many of DuQuette's books have been dedicated to analyzing and exploring the works of Aleister Crowley (1875–1947), an English occultist, author, poet and philosopher.
DuQuette occasionally appears on radio and television as a guest expert on subjects involving the occult.

Honor Society Album: Serendipity EP

Honor Society Album: Serendipity EP

We are a band, originally from New York and now based in LA since 2008. We've toured nationally with Jonas Brothers and Timbaland. We've been named a breakout band by Rolling Stone & MTV Buzzworthy. Our first record 'Fashionably Late' reached #18 on Billboard. We are currently in the studio, working on our new record with Grammy-winning producer, Mike Mangini (Joss Stone, David Byrne, Bruce Hornsby). Come see us on tour! Artist:Honor Society Album: Serendipity EP Artist Name: Honor Society Album: Serendipity EP First/Last Name: Heather Noonan Email address: Hometown: Los Angeles, CA, USA Website: Style of music: Rock MySpace: SonicBids:SoundClick: Facebook: Other: Label Affiliation: Independent Label Performing Rights Affiliation: ASCAP (USA)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rozanne Gewaar, Chicago-based, South African Singer

Chicago-based, South African singer-songwriter prepares to release cross-continental collaboration album

Rozanne Gewaar sings quiet observations of the human spirit, our relations and our struggles. She spent her childhood years in Knysna, South Africa, where she would wander along the Knysna lagoon, humming stories to herself. Her student years in Port Elizabeth brought songs of the ocean, the sky, flying, loving, laughing, and language. She currently finds inspiration in the American Midwest, with its wide skies, everflowing highways and the open hearts of people who love freely.

Chicago, IL - November 5, 2012 Singer-songwriter Rozanne Gewaar will perform songs from her 2012 CD release, "Songs from Church Street" (spoiler - no religious content included!) at a live recording session at Gallery Cabaret in Chicago, on Saturday, 17 November 2012. The Gallery Cabaret improv band, affectionately known as "The Kavanaghs", will accompany the singer.

Included is a performance of the song "Kill No More", a powerful anthem that speaks to the steadily increasing, and underreported incidence of farm murders in South Africa.

Rolling Stone, South Africa, wrote of the album, "Three songs settle the quivering heart of the album, readying it for a firm step out onto the ice: “The Little Goat” is all ominous fable, “Caution” hands out self-inflicted advice (‘I’ll say this once: caution leaves you dissatisfied’), then “Blue Eyed Madness” channels Beth Gibbons as she sounded on her sojourn with Rustin Man. Influences don’t come much better than that."

An Afrikaans-language album is set for release in December 2012. Rozanne will perform songs from this album at Gallery Cabaret in November. The album is an intercontinental collaboration between Rozanne and improvisational cellist Ha!Man Francois le Roux, who tours the US, Europe and South Africa annually. The album was recorded across two Chicago-based studios, en route Francois' travels using his mobile recording studio, and is mastered in Cape Town, South Africa. The album will be promoted in the USA, the Netherlands, and South Africa.

Contact: Rozanne Gewaar
Phone: (937) 564-8053

Artist:Rozanne Gewaar    Album: Songs From Church Street
Artist Name:Rozanne Gewaar     Album: Songs From Church Street
Hometown:Chicago, Illinois, USA
Style of music:Acoustic Folk
Label Affiliation:Unsigned
Performing Rights

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Muse's News

The Muse's News
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November 2012

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In addition to giving you Rhymes, Close Rhymes, Phrases, Pop-Culture, Synonyms, and the Definition, new features include Word Families and Parts Of Speech, two unique and revolutionary reference dictionaries that will open up a new world of possibilities for descriptive words and ideas. There have been updates and improvements to the existing features, including greatly expanded Sound-Alikes (close rhymes), and a completely redesigned Interface. These are serious tools for the serious songwriter.
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Editor's Musings:
I unfortunately have some very sad news to report this month, folks. Suzanne Glass, the founder of , passed away the week of October 22nd after a battle with cancer. There's more information on this along with comments from various people paying their respects on the blog.
I was really sad to hear this news. Personally, I had no idea she was even sick, but I get the feeling I wasn't the only one in the dark about it and I understand that such things are very private between the person fighting the battle and their closest loved ones. I knew Suzanne mostly in passing through a few emails every now and again when we would cross-promote our websites. She was a sweet, generous person from what I knew of her and our corner of the web is left a little less bright without her. I hope you'll go to the website and pay your respects if you knew her - or knew of her and her contribution to the independent music scene. She was a very special lady.
In other news, there are only a couple of raffle winners this month - which means that those of you who have neglected to write to me up until now, are missing out. There's lots of raffle prizes to give away. So if you want one, follow the instructions below and write to me already! :)
The raffle winners this month are:
  • Steve Bills from St. Marys, WV, has won a downloadable version of Rhyme Genie, a dynamic rhyming dictionary featuring over 300,000 entries and 30 different rhyme types.
  • Richard Thomsen from Vadnais Heights, MN, has won a ZEEDIS, pocket-sized, circular slide rule for finding the notes of chords, scales, modes and also for finding diatonic triads of scales/modes, instantly and easily. Thanks,! What a great tool!
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